Why choose a second-hand jewelry buyer?

When you are selling second-hand jewelry, you must visit a second-hand jewelry buyer like New Sahdev Cash For Gold. Selling and buying jewelry is not something usual and easy. There are plenty of ways to sell but will they pay the amount you are looking for??

There are banks in the beginning, but banks do not buy back precious metals. They provide cash though in turn of loans against the precious metals. And they never pay 100% of the amount based on the market.

Next to is an auction market, which is never registered and does not know where tour item vanishes and you would not able to keep a record. If you are lucky, you can get a bigger amount but this is very much unpredictable and never a safe choice.

The third being the pawnbrokers; these act a wall among the customers and a resell market as they buy the jewelry on their own terms and sell to the second- hand jewelry markets like us. Therefore, they aren’t capable of paying you a full payment either.


The fourth option is the local jewels; jewelry is experienced in selling the most extravagant designs. So, they will never completely buy your item from you rather they will exchange your piece of jewelry a new one. Within an instance, you will be unaware of your mind as it would be completely manipulated.

We suggest this is the best option for you not because we are one of them, because we make use of the used jewelry and process it further. We run a non-profit business that is totally dependent on the customer’s views and feedbacks. Therefore, if you are not confused anymore, then it is the best idea to check out New Sahdev Cash For Gold to help you with your selling gold jewelry in a few seconds.


It’s a common practice in India where people pledge gold and silver jewelry to the banks, pawnshops or financiers to arrange the funds for setting up a new business, the fund for arranging urgent medical bills because its a simple and fast process to get the loan on gold without much documentation. It may be a good idea to pledge the gold and take a small loan against jewelry but not a wise deal to take a big loan against gold.

Maximum times people failed to release their pledged gold because of high-interest rates and bound to pay unnecessary interest rates which sometimes cross the double of gold price.

New Sahdev Cash For Gold helps the customer to release their gold loan and other jewelry from banks, pawnshops, financiers and buy back the gold at the best price than anyone else.


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